Greg Wright

Greg Wright

My name is Greg Wright, former light heavy-weight champion. I have been part of the sport of boxing for the past twenty-one years. In 1990, I entered the famous Kronk Gym, in Detroit, weighing in at 286 pounds with a dream of becoming a champion. Nine years later, and over 100 pounds lighter, I held the North American Boxing Federation title and was ranked fourth in the world in the light heavy-weight division. My passion for boxing, hard work, and perseverance led me to capture my childhood dream of hanging my picture over the ring of Kronk Gym. This picture represents me, not just as a member of Kronk gym, but as a champion of Kronk Gym.

In 2004, I retired from professional boxing and have dedicated my career to helping others meet their fitness goals. My passion for helping people become the best they can be is what has motivated me to be a personal trainer. I have helped clients lose over 100 pounds in order to live healthier more active lives with their families. I have assisted others in reaching their next athletic desire whether it at the high school, collegiate or professional level. When I work with clients I analyze their strengths and weaknesses and get to know their triumphs and struggles. Then, I make it a priority to keep their strengths strong and minimize their weaknesses, while not losing sight of agility and cardio fitness. My strong will and determination give my clients a sense of obligation to challenge themselves and I do not accept failure as an excuse.

My experience has taught me how to push athletes to meet their athletic goals, while avoiding injury. I have the ability to teach athletes that preparation is a key component of competition and ultimately victory. I work diligently to achieve success while allowing those who train with me to gain valuable experience.

I look forward to helping others excel in reaching their goals at Title Boxing Club and am eager to share my knowledge and passion.